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Damn good set of examples by AikaFlip about Sarkeesian’s real motives


The Madness at the heart of the beast

I stood up today and said something I thought I ought to, there was no response so I politely showed myself the door out of the lives of three friends of mine that I’ve known for over a decade, I don’t regret it much but I need somewhere to put my thoughts down and so here is where I’ve chosen to do so, in a blog I scarcely look at any more because I can’t stand writing about some of the things I’ve come to support because I don’t feel I’m particularly adept at supporting them nor am I a proper representative of the movement I’ve come to call home as a whole, not by a long shot. First and foremost I decided today to stop compromising with what I see as a tide of conformity to the left consensus on issues “well what does that mean” you might be thinking if you’re reading this. Well, it means that I realized that I couldn’t relate to all my old liberal friends from back when I was firmly on the left because the more I see the issues of the day the more I realize that by supporting the left I am betraying some of my most deeply held beliefs about humanity.

Today I axed everyone from my friend’s list that I saw freaking out about ferguson and siding with the rioters, people I’ve known since I was a kid, family members, friends who I’d been standing by through thick and thin up until quite recently. You might ask yourself, why, you might conclude that I’m a racist, you might decry me and become angry at me for feeling that strongly about it and being “in the wrong” but from my standpoint, what happened there was not a symptom of white racism, it wasn’t some evil horrible monster looking for a poor innocent black boy to gun down it was a human being, a cop, someone sworn to protect law and order who was attacked by a 6’4″ 290 lbs human freight train who managed to smash out his driver side windshield and rearview mirror in the attempt on that police officers life, who defended himself the only way he had available to him, and you can hate me for that, I understand, it’s en vogue  to hate people who believe that sort of thing. That somehow it was self defense instead of a clear cut case of “the man” killing an african american for the color of his skin. I looked over the reports released after the court system decided on not indicting him and after studying them I came to the conclusion that, if what Darren Wilson said was true and I were put in his shoes, I would not have acted any differently. I would not have let him kill me, in other words.

Another hot button issue that I recently dropped friends for was feminism, and after that last one I can tell I won’t be well liked for saying this. But at what point did it become the goal of a movement seeking equality to attack anyone who questioned them, to attack anyone who does not pander to them just right, to demand the censorship of media and entertainment for their fragile little minds to consume it more easily and with no possible discomfort? When does equality mean that you are not allowed to speak because you have the wrong genitalia? When does equality mean that you must be critical of anything that mentions your group in the negative, but it’s okay to say whatever you want about everyone else? No, I cannot stomache feminism, much like the previous group of people who not only do not educate themselves or care to, who do not read, who are patently anti-intellectual in their leanings it is all down to one, sickening thing, I can no longer bear the weight of the hipocrisy of the left, for whenever I do, I feel myself being chipped away at morally. I still support gay and trans rights, I still support racial equality, I still believe that the sexes should be treated as equals. But the more I look, the more I actually listen and see and experience the left, the more I find that this golden panacea for the ills of society the left touts when it repeatedly shouts equality, is merely a ruse to allow them to hate the right kind of people, to demonize the right kind of people. They’re not looking for equality, I realized over the years of my slow lurching slide to the right. They’re looking for an axe to grind, for someone to hurt for being different, for believing differently. I’ll have none of it, thank you, my forefathers didn’t die for freedom of speech so you could demand that only certain voices could be heard, I like to think those who fought for civil rights did not intend to demonize me while doing so,

These new puritans we see before us wear a body down, I was a staunch supporter of the left in my teens and young adulthood, I was right up there with the crowds cheering for Bush to be tried for war crimes and I imagine I would do it all over again if I was given a second chance. But this is not the left I once knew, this is not the rebels and outcasts of the world demanding to be heard, it’s the established order demanding that no one else is heard or they are racists or misogynists or transphobes or any of 60 new words per week for a bigot and something you really ought not to be if you’re a decent human being. But those accused hardly ever measure up to the accusations anymore. I don’t know if anyone has bothered to read this, and I can’t say for certain that I care, it had to come out somewhere, I had to let it out of me because it’s eating me like a thousand times a thousand flesh eating worms beneath my skin. There is nothing I hate worse in this world than someone who will use a mask of good, of fairness, of freedom, of equality, of justice to oppress and harm others, to demand obsequiousness from all that have a different view. And I will not stand for it, no matter which bridges are burned, no matter how dear the loss, I will hold this line now. I have seen the world for the first time again. And as a rebel of the past, I must now admit, those I fought alongside have just plain gone too fucking far in demonizing everyone who speaks without the utmost reverence for them and their agenda.

Why I gave up writing about #gamergate

I’d like to start out by stating this is in no way intended as a hit piece, I am not here to name names, point fingers, or call anyone out because as of this moment that would be utterly fucking pointless. I’m here posting this because it may be my last blog post after some soul searching.

Many of you who know me know that I can be an extremely aggressive radical when it comes to defending the cause, I am not prone to attacking people but I am prone to pointing out that #GamerGate has some hefty issues with shills in it’s midst. We’re dealing with what I can only describe as a mass SJW coopt of the movement at this moment and while I understand that many of you think differently it’s something I’ve been witnessing more and more lately. Tone policing, concern trolls, changing the motivations of the group slowly but surely away from the issue of developer coercion and unfair critique presented as scientific study to simply being about journalistic ethics. Well, I’ve got bad news for you, If I’m right (and I wouldn’t writing this if I thought I wasn’t) we are suffering from something that occupy wall street and other movements over the years have fallen prey to. The Issue I’m speaking of is of course the afforementioned coopt, and not only that plenty of you are willing to blindly defend the idea of allowing these shills to continue to interfere unmolested, unquestioned, and without facing any form of censure. I can understand the platform of inclusiveness and why it’s important but at the same time, look at us, we’re at eachother’s throats when we know who the enemy is, and it’s everything they could have wanted and more. I don’t like the idea of leaving gamergate behind to the wolves, I really don’t, it smacks of cowardice and while I’ve thought about it a few times before I always came back to apologize. Well, I’m not leaving, not this time, but I am not going to continue to post on this blog because at the end of the day it is pointless to do so if the only thing that we are to achieve is bickering amongst each other over something we should all know by now, that the sjws are not our allies, they’re no one’s allies and they never could be, that not seeking out and denouncing their shills will weaken us even further with time, and that continuing on this path is likely to destroy what little clout we’ve gained in a flurry of infighting in a vain attempt to defend those among us who would do us harm. And so it is on that note that I give up blogging  about #gamergate, I will probably still occasionally post a piece about SJWs and the batshit insane things they do but this is it. GG no re.

Lo Ping initiates PACER Center National Bullying Prevention GamerGate Charity

For those of you out of the loop resident gaming panda Lo Ping has started another charity drive, this time raising an impressive 16k dollars as of the time of this writing for the PACER center. For those out of the loop the PACER center is a group devoted to curbing the rampant bullying prevalent in the school system through education and providing resources for teachers, students, and parents  to aid those interested in stamping it out. If you would like to aid the PACER center funding the link is right here. https://www.crowdrise.com/GamerGateStompsOutBullying/fundraiser/loping

Mercedes Benz kicks Gawker to curb, crocodile tears ensue.

After a string of insults directed at gamers and nerds Gawker media has recently found themselves out of a major ad deal with Mercedes Benz, a collection of the Tweets posted above were sent out by notable Gawker journalists for Jezebel and other gawker media sites yesterday in an attempt to show the world just how much of a group of wretched human beings they are surprisingly literally no one who’s been following Gawker in the last 2 months. When members of #gamergate got together to ask them to stop and recant their position of bullying being not okay but totally awesome and wonderful they had this to say among other things.

smash a nerd day

This ridiculous behavior did not go unnoticed by their advertisers and there is a concerted effort to inform them of the insane and outrageous behavior of Gawker’s CEO and journalists.  Mercedes Benz had this to say shortly after pulling their ads to those who were still emailing after their thoughtful reaction to the situation. 8Cr0E9P

Following this Sam Biddle, renowned troll and Gawker employee hit the tweets today to “sincerely” apologize for his tweets the earlier day, proving that he is only a decent human being after being given a thorough spanking for being a complete waste of skin.

Brianna Wu, professional victim.

Wu is at it again after a record 12 hours without making stupid shit up, for those unaware of Wu’s history of making up attacks about herself, sock puppetry, and using it to curry sympathy from the mentally disabled. Check this piece I put together earlier https://ogresttheinquisitor.wordpress.com/2014/10/14/bit-of-a-hiatus-probably-disconcerting-for-a-new-blog-but-im-back-now/

As for why I am once again writing about this histrionic no talent, she was lovely enough to whip up her own infographic for an OP no one cares about and no one on our side of things is participating in ahead of all of this, I am sincerely starting to wonder if she hasn’t planned this from the beginning to milk #GamerGate for free advertising. Here is the pic itself, which she posted to her twitter earlier.

B0J5FlpIQAA7GRA.png large

and here ladies and gentlemen is the EXIF data from said picture.

B0Kq6-uIIAAbarS.png large

For those of you who don’t go through the trouble to research the dates of events and other such minutia that’s October 8th, 2 days before the “harassment” she received. Does anyone else smell fish? Actually, if you would care to leave me a message in the comments I would like to know your take on it. Personally I think we’re just dealing with more lies out of someone riding #gamergate’s coattails for attention and exposure.

Update: Since the initial posting of this piece Wu has pulled the picture in response to someone pointing out that she had been caught with her pants down. Let the streisand effect commence!

Gamergate kills fifty in massive outbreak of gun violence.

Hey folks, if you’re reading this this means you’ve fallen for clickbait, that’s okay, it happens to the best of us. That said I thought I’d share with you a collection of some of the more notable abusive tweets that have been posted in the last few months in the direction of #gamergate to remind you of why we’re fighting and to bring the abusive nature of some of the opposition to light. This could get a little ugly, take this as a trigger warning for the more sensitive and faint of heart out there.












B0GohnmCMAAHs5S.png large

Seen enough? So have we, A lot of people don’t know or like to forget that #gamergate didn’t exist until after the journalistic ethics question had arisen, We’re not monsters, we’re not here to start a fight. We just want a media machine that doesn’t constantly bad mouth us, that represents our interest in games rather than preaching to us about politics, and that isn’t comprised of people who obviously and openly hate us. I hope you’ve taken the time to get here, I hope that you understand why I felt that it was important to bring this up. We’ve taken a principled stance against harassment since day one and yeah we haven’t been able to stop all of the people out there who came to #gamergate looking for trouble. I’m sorry for that, but I’m also not at fault for it, and neither are most of us. For the most part we’re just gamers looking to have fun and enjoy some video games, but we’re under attack for the actions of that same small group of assholes that were there yesterday, that will be there tomorrow, and that will continue to be an unfortunate part of the human experience. If you’re anti-gamergate I want you to know that I thank you for reading this far, I don’t blame you for the people who harass on your side, but I don’t think it’s fair to sit there and blame us for the assholes we can’t control on ours either, because try as we may and we do try we cannot hold back all of them any more than you can. Thank you for your time.

If you would like to see a greater scope of just how bad the abuse has been, please check out gamergateharassment.tumblr.com where this is being documented.

something awful, doxxing, fruit, and shitposts.

So last night was interesting, for those of you who don’t know many of us in #gamergate spent the evening fighting the repeated attempt to spread the dox on a number of celebrities and journalists ranging from comedian Patton Oswalt to gamergater turned gamerhater @deviever, The user @stateofallah is believed to be yet another in a string of false flaggers such as @Teridax and the ever popular @chatterwhiteman. If you’re like me you spent much of the evening spreading the word, encouraging people to report those responsible, and generally doing your best to send messages of sympathy to those attacked.

These incidences of false flag harassment have grown in number lately and I would like to express my deepest sympathies to those attacked, the harassment and death threats received by people on both sides of this debate are unconscionable breaches of the most basic ethics of public discourse can neither be condoned nor accepted. I hope those that take the time to read this today will take it as a sign of our sincere desire for public discourse that we spend the time we do trying to fight off those who engage in such acts.

As for the source of them that much is becoming somewhat clearer in the wake of the incidents in question, recently it was discovered that shitpost factory somethingawful.com was potentially hosting some of the trolls who have been falseflagging under both the gamergate hashtag and against it. While this had been suspected for some time, A thread claiming responsibility for recent harassment has been discovered.Edit: the archive we had previously was taken down by request of SA, I wonder why.  What does this mean for #gamergate? I don’t honestly know, I also don’t think there is enough evidence within the thread itself to outright claim that everything that’s bad comes sprawling out of SA like some sort of epicenter of internet horror so let’s not assume I’m saying that, but I do think there is reason here to investigate further for those who have the time and inclination. I know I’ll be taking a look myself when I have the time.

In other news #Gamerfruit is growing like wildfire after an incident involving infamous troll Brianna Wu inadvertantly attempting to harass a fruit sales company under the impression that she was contacting someone else entirely. This erupted into gales of laughter for #GamerGate supporters as well as a new supporter of the movement and a pitch for a game idea to help raise awareness and funding for third world fruit industry laborers. Discussion is currently in the works of possibly seeing if there’s public interest in making based fruit man as he’s become known game idea a reality.

. literally fruit

An interview worth watching if you care to learn about #gamergate

So, here we are again happy wednesday. I’m not going to go too in depth on this post, rather I’ll let the interview speak because they’ve summed it up better than I could. I give you prominent #gamergate supporters Jennie Bharaj and Jemma Morgan, as well as Georgina Young of Gamesided.


Bit of a hiatus, probably disconcerting for a new blog. but I’m back now.

Hey folks, I’m back again after a 3 day break due to a severe cold and hacking up veritable mountains of phlegm but feeling better now. I thought I might take some time to do a bit of my own take on recent events in SJW activity.

Front and center today is Brianna Wu, one time troll, now harassment “victim” first off, I would like to point out why she came under fire.

Brianna Wu, seen here admitting to creating a troll account to troll #gamergate

Now, this is not to say I believe that harassment is correct, but I’m not going to go so far as to say that she wasn’t deliberately attempting to bait people into attacking her. Want more proof, how about some examples of things said by the sock puppet account itself, specifically created for the sake of skewering, and even ruining the reputation of #gamergate.

pretty fucked up

Concern trolling to the nth degree

Now, why is this important? If you haven’t been following the story the same Brianna Wu responsible for this shoddy concern troll/frame up job has decided to go public lying about those posting under the hash tag about issues of harassment.Generally sending the message nationwide thanks to her contacts at MSNBC that a movement that has become one of the most successful consumer revolts in recent history as merely a bunch of good old boys picking on a woman, Thus continuing a consistent media cover up of the simple fact that this group of people is here fighting because of harassment, not to continue it, and if you poke at people with sore nerves for laughs you cannot expect them to remain civil forever.  As for Eric Johnston her partner in crime, there is no doubt that he was pivotal in making that interview possible at all, after all. He himself is a member of a site partnered with MCNBC known as Re/code, needless to say there’s enough spin going on here to make anyone dizzy. Check out the interview yourself at the end of this post, watch it or don’t, but scroll to the bottom and check the comment feed. Sorry Reid, Wu, and Johnston, no one is buying your little incestuous shit smearing party.

Bz6BFsbIYAAw_Mg.jpg large